The Breakdown

Current challenges have brought many to re-examine the role that data quality and data use can play in the organizations and communities that we work and live in. In the face of these challenges, some are getting back to the basics, and others are looking to innovation and creativity to pave the way.

Today, more than ever, quality has a role to play. Whether traditional or new, conservative of inventive, quality is critical.

The conference will bring together some main players from the South African Government, NGO’s, consultancy firms and corporations; specialist who are able to transfer experiences and ideas into practice. Around 100 participants are expected to attend

The main aim of the conference is to develop a framework for a coherent data quality strategy for the Department of health in which data quality activities are based on relevant industry standards, and will serve as a platform to support the newly formed data quality auditing and training accreditation scheme under ISO 8000

Four practical workshops, focused on the integration and collaborative knowledge sharing, will run over the course of the two days. Participants are encouraged to bring any and all individual or organizational instruments/materials/training and or relevant information to actively share in each of the four technical workshops.


2 responses to “The Breakdown

  1. The idea of a shared data quality blog is very innovative.

  2. This is a one of the best learning experince on data quality.

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