Shared Docs

This page is used for the sharing of documents concerning Data Quality

Key note presentation – John Talburt . . .view
Data Quality Standards
Data quality standards presentation – Peter R. Benson . . . View
Data use and Dissemination  Practices
Technical Discussion Points. . . View
Tools and Methodologies
Technical Discussion Points. . . View

Standards and Measurement
Technical Discussion Points . . . View
Quality Improvement Initiatives
Technical Discission Point . . . View
Coping Strategies to Improve Data Quality-by Peter Njaramba
Proactively Recognizing Data Quality Issues…View
Primary Health Care
Supervision Manual
A guide to Primary Health Care Facility Supervision (pdf). . .Download
DHIS2 manual
District Health Information Software Manual(pdf) . . . Download
Data Quality Assurance and Control –  by Annette Mulenga Ching’andu-Chishimba
Data Quality Assurance through  The Ten Steps to Data Quality
Releasing that there is a problem. . . View
Data and Data Quality Assessment-Auditing – by Peter Njaramba
Data are often viewed as the lowest level of construct from which the following are derived:. . .View

2 responses to “Shared Docs

  1. Data is deemed to be of good Quality if it represents as accurate a reality as possible of the real life situation that it refers to.

  2. Peter Njaramba

    Fortunately Data Quality can be measured

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